Lubwisi Proverbs

1. The dead body does not have any choice where to be buried

2. A person who works eats the fruits of his labor

3. One who is going to dangerous place where he can die does not listen to advice

4. A small clan is always despised

5. A good deed deserves another

6. What goes inside a person does not spoil him

7. You should not take what is not yours

8. It is good to listen to peoples advice

9. A sturbon person should stay within his clan

10. A person who says a bad thing is the one who easily forgets it

11. A person who is stronger than you beats you with your own stick

12. A person who always fights always has scars on his body

13. When the leader dies the people behind suffer

14. When you go to beg you do not always expect the best

15. Don’t despise yourself because you are small

16. Eat whatever small is offered to you

17.You should treat orphans in your home as your own children

18.Home without a father is always disorganized

19.Easy to eat than to work

20.Work becomes easy when you join hands

By Rev. Timothy Bandirana and Kisembo N. Lick